So I actually was not supposed to be taking 200 mg of Zoloft.  My doctor kind of freaked out and told me to go down to 100mg a day. I also talked to him about the possibility of having ADHD, and he believes I do, so he prescribed me Vyvanse 30 mg to start but I don’t think it’s string enough.  I get focused for like an hour and then it wears off.  Although, I am writing this post incredibly fast so idk.  I’m still distracted though because I should be taking a shower and getting shit done for school.  But here I am updating my blog for my 8 follower lol. I really think of my psychiatrist as my pusher lmao he just fills me up with drugs.  Whatever, it’s better than crying all night!! andddd on top of all that I have very little appetite on vyvanse so I’ll probably lise some weight. yes. :)


I know I’ve neglected the zoloft chronicles but its been really busy. I had surgery which kept me in the hospital for three days, my dog died, and this bitch of a hurricane sandy has left me in the dark for the past 5 days. And because of all this I was down to my last zoloft 50 mg yesterday but the pharmacy was able to contact the doctor and he increased my dosage to 200 mg a day so we’ll see how that goes. Bc I was still feeling depressed and ready to just give up on life. So maybe this dosage will help.

Day 5| 10.8.2012

I hate everything.  My day started out terrible, I’m failing college.   Like I can’t do this anymore.  This zoloft is failing to do anything.  nothing works.  On top of my bad day, I lost really expensive headphones that i have had less than a day. needless to say I had a mental breakdown and panic attack about it.. oh the joys of depression. Do, I can’t.  I’m falling behind in everything, I hate it. and the klonopin doesn’t help.  I’m still freaking out. and if I don’t find these fucking headphones, I don’t know what I’m going to do.   I have so much other shit that I have to do but I need my headphones. fuck.